Born in 2015, St. Peterburg
Lives and works in St. Petersburg
Gart Shtapakov is a young artist and a son of a well-known St Petersburg artist Alexandra Gart, one of the founders of an independent non-commercial art space called Shame. Gart is fond of the underwater world, birds, anime, obsessed with minerals, and writes his own books about birds and animals. He started exhibiting with his mother at the age of 2. By the age of 7, he has created an enormous body of work, including a great number of lithographs and engravings using his mother's vintage printing press. There are quite a few amazing artworks by Gart in the Youngest Collection.

Born in 2014 in St. Petersburg
Lives and works in St. Petersburg
A daughter of artist Erik Zhelezka, Soyka Raduga has long occupied her father's workshop, created her own pseudonym, and periodically reflects on her future as an artist. Soyka experiments with different materials and media, but the most interesting part of her work is in her multiple diaries. Soyka creates her own imaginary characters, writes stories about them, documents her life, and makes countless schedules and lists.

Born in 2014, St. Petersburg
Lives and works in Antropshino
Stepan Chemakin is a son of the artist Ivan Chemakin, a member of NORTH-7 - a prominent St. Petersburg art group. Like his father, Stepan uses wood, vintage paper, and found objects in his works. Stepan lives in Antropshino, a village near St Petersburg, in a house with a large garden and a real stove. He knows how to use a cassette recorder, has very little knowledge of geography, and doesn't use any modern gadgets. Stepan creates works with the most complex subjects, mainly on a military theme. Military actions in his works, as a rule, take place in London or in the USA.

Born in 2010 in St. Petersburg
Lives and works in St. Petersburg
Vasilisa Dashevskaya, a daughter of the artist Aleksandr Dashevsky, created a huge number of works between 2014 and 2020. This girl's art reflects her hedonistic tendencies, boldness, and dark sense of humour in a completely devilish way.

Born in 2020 in St. Petersburg
Lives and works in St. Petersburg
A son of St. Petersburg artists Alexander and Liza Tsikarishvili, co-founders of North-7 art group, Gosha is growing up surrounded by the best local underground artists and participating in all activities led by his parents and their friends. Debuting as an artist at the art fair This is Our Country, Grandma and exhibition Dacha in December 2021, Gosha continues producing a significant body of work.